Monday, May 16, 2011

"Try it on"!

O.P.I is the best polish around (in my opinion) and with spring/summer here, what better way to get into the warm weather than with these new colors from the O.P.I Pirates of The Caribbean collection.  These colors are so cute!  They match with all things Spring and will spice up your wardrobe anyday!

O.P.I has one of my FAVORITE features on their website called the "Try it On" feature...
It brings up all the yummy colors from O.P.I and whether you want pinks, purples, blues or yellows, you can try it on!  Adjust skin tone and nail length and you can see it right there! 
I play around with it all the time, to get fun ideas!
Check out these spring/summer colors from the Pirates Collection and more over at!

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