Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweat it Out!!

I decided to blog about these FABULOUS pieces of exercise equipment for a few reasons.  1- Because they are inexpensive 2- They give you a fabulous workout with few reps and will make your muscles long and lean making your metabolism shoot thru the roof!
I have always loved to exercise!  It makes me feel amazing and I love to feel like I have accomplished something through pushing myself.  As a mom that has carried and birthed a baby, my body has changed.  My problem areas are now MEGA problem areas and I am currently targeting those areas with these bad boys!

With the handle bands you can work shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, shoulders and chest.  It can all be at whatever intensity you would like as well.  They come in different colors for different levels of intensity.
With the elastic band strips you can work your lower body.  Work both outer and inner thighs, bum, glutes and all around legs.  It burns and it burns good!
It is important to have a good exercise routine!  You will feel better, happier and change your body all at the same time! 
( I will post a few tips about my workout in a later post...)

You can buy exercise bands at any sports store, or where exercise equipment is sold.  
Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, even ebay...

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