Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mumbling about MiaModa

A mom purchased the MiaModa stroller in Tangerine and has fallen in Love with this product!  Here is what she had to say:

I love this stroller! The first thing that attracted me to it was the variety of fun colors it came in particularly the tangerine. I have been infatuated with the color orange for quite some time so it didn't even take a split second to decide that the tangerine was the color I wanted.

When it arrived I was not disappointed! The color was just as vibrant and perfect as I had imagined, the assembly was simple, the stroll was smooth, and the under storage was roomy and great!

I love that the back reclines all the way down, which is unique to an umbrella stroller. Another thing I love is that it doesn't tip when I put my diaper bag on the back and my son jumps out! That is HUGE!

All in all this is a really great stroller! Awesome ride, easy maneuverability, and of course great color!       

- Lindy: Orem, UT

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