Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creativity from The Piggy Story

The Piggy Story- Piggy Pirates Art Folio
The Piggy Story-Pretty Princess Art Folio
The Piggy Story- Cow Pring Art Folio
The Piggy Story-What's a Dragon Art folio

The Piggy Story came up with this bright idea to keep kids busy-as-a bee!  These fun art folio's do just that!  They come with crayons and coloring paper all bundled into these darling carrying cases. With detail and a velcro closer making for easy access.  Creativity is just a "tug" away.  Take them wherever you go.  Your child will love to tote this case around and will now enjoy wherever you take them :).  It is every moms dream come true! 
Find these designs & a bunch more at

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