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Clek Safety Seats

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It doesn't get better than this!! obr™ is a Clek™ full back booster seat that provides superior protection for your child without sacrificing comfort, convenience or style. Designed with a removable back, Oobr easily converts to a backless booster to grow with your child. And, with our exclusive Elemental Safety System™ and proprietary use of Crypton® Super Fabrics, Oobr is the new standard in booster seats.

Safety System...
Collisions happen from all angles. Oobr’s™ exclusive Elemental Safety System™ was engineered with front, rear and side impact protection in mind.
Comprised of five structural safety elements, the Elemental Safety System systematically secures and protects your child.

Rigid LATCH System
Locks the booster seat into place using your vehicle’s LATCH anchorage system to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision.
Magnesium Back Frame
Better contains the torso during a side impact collision and protect against vehicle intrusion.
Structural Headrest with Deep Side Wings
Connects to the magnesium frame using steel rods to reduce twisting movements and improve head protection in a collision.
Energy-Absorbing Foam Layer
Absorbs energy in a side impact collision resulting in less force transferred directly to your child.
Belt Guides
Improves belt positioning on your child’s shoulders and hips.
Booster seat safety highlights:
Raises your child 4 in./10 cm. to improve in-vehicle shoulder belt fit
Better positions the seat belt on the child’s hips to improve safety
Locks into place to provide additional booster seat stability in a collision
Confirms that latches are locked with an audible “click”
Provides a secure connection even when booster seat is not occupied
Meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
Children under 4 ft. 9 in. (145 cm.) tall or less than 80 lbs. (36 kg.) need a safe booster seat that ensures seat belts properly fit their small frame. Despite the clear safety advantages, studies show that fewer than 20 percent of children who should use booster seats actually do, leaving thousands of children with inadequate protection.

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