Thursday, February 3, 2011

BOON in the Bath


 The BOON Frog is a popular amphibian whose habitat is in your tub!  They stick to the wall to store & keep things tidy.  Whether it be toys loaded to the brim, bubbly soap or extra odds & ends to hang from their feet or fingers.  The back of the frog is a drainable scoop that helps to prevent everything from getting yucky with mildew & scum. Mount this to your wall & make bath time much more fun & easy!

Lady Lady Lady BUG!  The BOON Bug has flown in to help keep your tub organized & clean.  Your little ones will have a blast with this little guy, removing the scoop & picking up all their bath time mess!  This lady holds your shampoos, bubble bath, toys & other doo-dads that need a place a place for hanging.  The BOON bug is such a helper for bath time & the mess that comes with it!

These crazy odd ducks are a funkified version of the rubber ducky!   With bright colors, and crazy designs your little ones will want to play with these guys in the tub.  With names like Slim, Jane, Bob & Squish they are made to have fun & are PVC-free & don't hold water so the yucky stuff doesn't grow in their bellies.  Let these guys come "quack" in your tub!

 The scrubbles are some of the funnest toys around!  They are used to squirt & get your child all soaped up.  These toys use a removable bulb that you can fill with water & your favorite bubbles.  Kids love to get clean with the scrubble & they can have fun by mixing and matching all the fun colors!  

BOON products can be found at Babies R Us, Target, Baby Depot, BabyGap, Right Start & Buy Buy Baby

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