Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We are all smiles :)

It seems silly to blog about a french fry product, but when you have a PICKY eater & when they LOVE something, you wanna shout it to everyone!  When my little guy eats these, it is nice to know they are a healthier choice and option vs. the regular french fry product.  McCain products are committed to making a healthier option that is nutritious while still tasting delicious!  They are a small company that was one of the firsts to eliminate trans-fats from products and with future products will make sure to meet their healthy criteria.  Which is:

- Low Fat: 30% or less of total calories
- Low Salt: Less than 230 mg
- Trans Fat Free: Under 0.5 grams
- Low Saturated Fat: 10% or less of total calories

McCain is partnered with many medical and health organizations as well as schools such as the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in the United States.

This product is both fun with the smiley design & you as a parent can know it is a healthier option!  


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