Monday, November 8, 2010

HABA-Tasty Toys

Bottle Rack/Bottles
Cookies Tin

Baker's Delight Cupcakes

Your little tyke/tykett will LOVE sinking their teeth into these delicious puffy cupcakes & crunchy cookies.  Looking like they came from a gourmet pastry shop makes them irresistibly cute and a great addition to that kitchen in your toy-room.  Cupcake ingredients are made from scratch with velour, embroidery and beading while packaged tight in a case to go!
Entertainment is endless with these handmade cookies, deliciously topped with colorful frosting ready to serve in a cute tin container.  Serves plenty! :)
Wash it all down with some milk or better yet any beverage of your choice with these cute Bottle Rack/Bottles.  Refills are endless!  HABA is always making playtime so much fun, and these items do just that!  Find these scrumptious toys at

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